Tap Into Nature

Discover Experiential Learning

Wildfire and NCA’s talented and dedicated staff are skilled professionals and young adults that go the extra mile to be positive role models for our campers. They bring to Wildfire an impressive variety of talents and experience in outdoor ed, the arts, sports, adventure activities, aboriginal studies, dance and leadership.


Experiential Learning

• Sparks the fire of understanding
• Encourages curiosity and exploration
• Builds self esteem by doing
• Inspires good stewardship of our planet
• Motivates young people to be active agents in their own lives


No Wifi in our forest, but youth will find a better connection!


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Nature Can Help

• improves student’s resilience to stress
• reduces attention disorders, depression and anxiety
• supports student’s creativity and cognitive functioning
• increase their physical activity and while helps to reduce obesity
• develop respect and responsibility for earth